to the Point Lookout Community Church

Thanks for visiting our web site. If you´re new to the area or looking for a spiritual family we hope you can stop in at our “little church by the sea”. Our prayer is that we´ll be known as the little church with a big heart.

We´re honored to be just a part of the most significant family on earth. Jesus said that He´s building this family and even “the gates of hell will not be able to overpower it.”(Matthew 16:18)

(John 17:20–21) His prayer for the church is our prayer for the church: To be in harmony with Him, one another and inspire others to do the same.

Please browse our site and see how we can serve you and even more importantly how we can serve God together. We believe that real hope is in Jesus Christ, and by giving all we´ve got to love God and others, we really can make a difference in our community and the world.