Pastor Greg’s Health Update as of 12/15/2017

**Update on Pastor Greg** (from Joel)

Pastor Greg remains in stable condition and is slated to be transferred from the Step Down Unit to a typically monitored hospital room at some point today. There have been no fundamental changes in his abilities since this time last Friday. He is strong on the left side of his body, lacks strength / movement on the right side and is able to understand and respond to basic questions / interactions with “yes” or “no” answers or by holding up 1 or 2 fingers. Some days he appears more or less energetic than others. He smiles when amused, scratches his head when thinking and when I asked him to pray for me he kind of smirked. As I continued looking him in the eye and again asked, he became noticeably misty-eyed… then, holding my hand, he closed his eyes for a few moments & looked back up. Thanks, pastor – we’re praying for you, too!

It is possible that he may (or may not) be transferred to a rehab facility early next week. With that in mind this would be a good time to visit, particularly since the location of the facility has not yet been determined. PLEASE, PLEASE stand firm in the faith and continue to PRAY with everything that you have…

1. For complete healing & restoration for Pastor Greg

2. For continued strength & peace of mind for him and the entire Kemper family

3. For an opening in the proper rehab center

4. For favor with, and grace upon the medical staff at St Francis as well as the rehab facility

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