Pastor Greg’s Health Update as of 12/26/2017

UPDATE*** 12/26/17

Pastor Greg has settled into Burke Rehabilitation Hospital where he will likely be for the next several weeks. Intensive Speech Therapy & Physical Therapy are the main focus. There is nothing new to report with regard to his current status or condition; I will say that in our time of prayer, singing & Bible reading this morning, that he tried, but was unable to say “amen”. After being reminded of the “Amen” song to which he danced at his daughter’s wedding, he was able to SING amen along with us. As we were leaving, he was particularly moved when encouraged to persevere with the physical therapy session scheduled for later in the day. Please, please pray that he would not lose heart, or be discouraged. Pray for his faith – that he would place his trust in God and have the fortitude to be doggedly persistent with the needed & helpful therapies.

Visitors are welcome from 8am to 8pm. If you have time constraints and would rather visit while pastor Greg is not undergoing therapy of any kind, feel free to call ahead – otherwise come any time. Thank you for standing with him, his family and the PLCC during this time. May God bless you all!

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