Pastor Greg Update as of 2/1/2018

***Update on Pastor Greg as of 2/1/2018***

We are grateful to let you know that Pastor Greg has now transferred to St. Johnland Rehabilitation in Kings Park, NY, where he will remain for the next few weeks as he continues rehab in anticipation of his return home. This is an answer to prayer as St Johnland specializes in brain injuries and is closer to home. Pastor Greg will continue daily rehab similar in scale to his experience with Burke. We are thankful that Pastor Greg does seem to be experiencing some incremental improvements, including some limited responsiveness on his right side as well as a slightly increased vocabulary – both good indications!

Cards & letters are welcome at this time, as are limited visitations. St Johnland’s policies are unique to their facility & they advise calling ahead of any visitations. Please use discretion when visiting so as not to pre-exhaust Pastor Greg before his many daily therapy sessions. Evenings & weekends are usually a good time to visit. Thank you, Father in heaven, for your Faithfulness! Thank you friends & PLCC family for your love & prayers!

St Johnland Nursing Center
395 Sunken Meadow Road
Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone: (631) 269-5800

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  1. Dear Paster Greg, praying with you, our love always, Marty and Dolores Grant.

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