Pastor Greg Health Update as of April 24, 2018

***Pastor Greg’s Update & Prayer Request***

Pastor Greg continues his daily therapies and rehab at St Johnland. He is making gradual & measured progress. For any who did not see, we recently posted a short video to our Facebook page, in which he was walking under his own power, with only the assistance of a quad-cane & leg brace – praise the Lord! Although he still lacks strength on his right side, with the assisting devices he is even able to go up & down a few stairs if help is nearby. We are thankful for these improvements!

In recent days, Pastor Greg has developed an infection in his hand that is being treated with anti-biotics. Since the infection hasn’t responded as quickly as his doctor would like to see, they are taking him to Huntington Hospital where they can administer more potent & effective medication. Please continue to pray for Pastor Greg’s healing from the infection as well as his complete recovery. And if you would, please lift up his dear wife, Tina Kemper – that she would have peace as she cares for her husband & endeavors to trust in the Lord with all her heart. God bless you all!

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