PLCC Building Reopening Phase effective 8/3/2020

PLCC Protocols for Expanded Reopening

Effective 8/3/20

The following protocols will be enacted for this next expanded phase as the PLCC continues the path towards fully reopening. These protocols regarding the use of church facilities for mid-week meetings & gatherings have been developed with the following considerations in mind: maintaining prudent safety protocols, being responsive to the needs of the many groups that rely on the use of the church facility, being considerate of the workload for the Church Sextons, being sensitive to the community impact that the PLCC & the use of its facilities may have.

·     All persons using the PLCC facilities agree, upon entry into the building, to practice appropriate social distancing & use surgical masks, or equivalent, at all times while inside the building.

·     Any and all midweek use of the PLCC building will be limited to the downstairs areas only.

·     Midweek use of the building will be limited to no more than 2 groups at any one time.

·     In consultation & cooperation with Bob & Michele Baumann (PLCC Sextons / caretakers), the cleaning and disinfecting of the church facilities following the completion of any & all mid-week meetings or activities will be their sole responsibility as they are familiar with all of the disinfecting protocols.

·     Each group will be responsible for cleaning up any trash that they may have brought to the premises & for keeping the areas utilized in the same general condition after use as they were prior to being used.

The PLCC Council & Elders believe that the Life-Groups should not meet in the church at this time. There are at least 8 different groups that typically hold activities in the church (not including the Life-Groups). We believe that these Life-Groups are an essential part of the PLCC ministry & can continue to meet as they have in recent months. It will be up to the individual Life-Groups, led by the host home, to decide whether to meet through video or to convene in-person sessions in their usual locations. As New York enters into more favorable phases, we intend to revisit the Life-Groups use of the facility, should the need arise.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the PLCC Council and the Church Sextons for their help towards this continued reopening, and to you the congregation for your patience, assistance & input during this process. Our call and privilege as True Believers is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength… and love your neighbor as yourself”. This mandate is at the heart of these protocols and our desire is to continue reopening the PLCC in a manner that reflects our commitment to the Lord & to one another. May God bless you all as the Lord Jesus Christ continues to build His church.

Respectfully,                                                                                                           Ralph, Kevin & Joel

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  1. Thank you, Pastor Joel, Kevin Ralph, for this carefully thought out plan… With the input of Michelle and Bob Baumann.
    The Lord bless and protect all of us, as a congregation, as we serve Him, and one another!

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